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Go Cordless on Electric Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

The biggest issue users have with mobility products is keeping the batteries charged. Whether it’s a powered wheelchair or mobility scooter, WiPow technology makes charging batteries easy and efficient.

Cordlessly Power Personal Use Mobility Scooters

Individuals with limited range of motion, walking and balance problems no longer need to struggle with a power cord when you incorporate WiPow technology. To charge the battery they simply drive their scooter on top of a Power Pad and let the battery recharge. No remembering to plug in the scooter. And no cords to wrestle with.

Reduce Downtime on Shopping Center Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters provided for store customers also benefit from a WiPow system. Again, the challenge is ensuring the equipment is charged and ready for the next customer’s use. Placing a set of Power Pads in the holding area for WiPow-enabled scooters results in minimal time and effort to keep the scooters charged and ready for use.

Give the Gift of Independence to Users of Powered Wheelchairs

The typical user of a powered wheelchair is a person with a limited range of motion, who controls their wheelchair with a joystick. Struggling with a power cord is not something that many users can do. Instead, it requires that they find a care provider to plug in their wheelchair. The WiPow system gives the power wheelchair user greater freedom and the ability to function more independently.

For a powered wheelchair user, the Power Pad can be placed wherever the wheelchair spends the most amount of time ─ and charge their batteries while at that location. In this example the wheelchair user will be charging batteries while watching television, without engaging a healthcare provider.

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